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Because these filters install in the same location on refrigerators – they are often confused with each other. If you aren't sure which filter your refrigerator uses – please remove the unit from your fridge and inspect the filter. Compare the appearance of your filter with the images above before moving to the next step of our filter finder.

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Hotpoint Refrigerator Water Filters

Hotpoint is a maker of home appliances based in North America. Although there is a Hotpoint brand owned by an Italian company named Indesit, it should not be confused with Hotpoint of North America, which is owned by General Electric Company.

Under the GE umbrella, Hotpoint distributes refrigerator water filters of the same type and make as those of GE. The Hotpoint MWF model, also known as the GE SmartWater Filter Cartridge MWF model, is a new and improved design of the now obsolete GE GWF. It can be used for refrigerators by GE, Amana, Kenmore and others. The Hotpoint GSFW (GE GSFW) is part of a new kind of twist-off technology for filter installation. This new technology makes it easy to use and replace fridge filters, allowing you to do away with the tools you used to need to install the water filter system. The newest interior refrigerator filter from GE is the GE SmartWater MSWF, which is also distributed by Hotpoint. An advantage of this new model over its predecessor, the GE GSFW, is that it promises cleaner and clearer water at higher percentages of removal of impurities.

All units have NSD/ANSI Standards (National Sanitation Foundation/ American National Standards Institute) of 42 and 53. The water filters can improve the taste of your drinking and cooking water by removing significant amounts of chlorine and Class I particles from the water. Contaminants such as benzene, lead, mercury, asbestos, lindane, atrazine, toxaphene and carbofluoran are also efficiently filtered out of your drinking water. Water turbidity, which indicates the amount of suspended solids and contaminants in your water, can be reduced by up to 96.5%. All of these standards help ensure maximum water quality and safety.

Hotpoint and GE recommend replacing all units within six months of use or until the change filter light in your refrigerator turns on, whichever comes first.